Full Circle Yoga Retreat ~ Amalfi Coast, Italy 

September 15-22, 2018

Join Heidi Dietrich for a week of Yoga and Meditation on the Amalfi Coast of Italy.  Let’s explore Italy with meditative clarity and mindful intentions. Details at True Nature.

Wilbur Hot Springs Guest Chef Weekend

September 2019

Hot Springs Retreat at Wilbur Hot Springs, California
with Heidi Dietrich and Mackenzie Studabaker.

You will have the opportunity to take cooking classes, participate in olive oil tastings, explore ancient castles on islands, and bike through the rolling hills. Additional activities include optional watercolor painting and photography expeditions.

Travel opens us up to the aliveness that is always present. Let’s explore Italy with meditative clarity and mindful intentions. When we experience the gifts of the universe, it is full circle to then give something back. We will have the option to do an afternoon of Seva (service) and you are also encouraged to digest this trip and create something from it. A new tradition, a new family recipe, a painting, a photography book, or whatever else comes to mind!

Join, Heidi, Founder of Dharma & Grace Yoga for a week of presence, clarity and the bliss of being in the practice of Living Yoga. Heidi offers a gentle approach to the yoga asana and focuses on meditation.

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 Dharma & Grace Yoga

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Join Heidi Dietrich and Mackenzie Studebaker for a self-care weekend retreat and reconnect with what matters most! 

Wilbur Hot Springs inspires personal reflection and connection to spirit. Here you might dream, make music or art, have a revelation, grieve a loss, or experience healing. It’s the perfect place to write down your thoughts, have a life-altering conversation, or simply be. The land and its healing waters offer a unique opportunity to slow down, quiet the mind, and listen deeply.

Living Yoga Meditation Retreat 

Guatamala ~ November 2019

This Spiritual Journey to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala is designed to be a conscious choice to nourish, rest and digest while witnessing the Mayan way of life.

  • Twice daily yoga and meditation including Yoga Nidra. 
  • Cacao ceremony, raw cacao is a powerful heart opener that paves the way to transformation.
  • An evening of Kirtan and the path of Bhakti (devotional) yoga.
  • Afternoon of service (SEVA) connecting to and giving back to the local community. 

Whether you want to relax, read, meditate and reflect in the lush gardens with hammocks and lounge chairs or mindfully venture out and explore, the options are endless.

Optional add on activities:

  • traditional sweat lodge ceremony
  • On site wellness center, Harmony Spa
  • village tours
  • hike or volcano climb
  • bird watching
  • kayak, cliff diving
  • Spanish classes

Prices starting at $1,955

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