Dharma & Grace Yoga

Join Heidi Dietrich, International Yoga Teacher, for a replenishing week of twice daily all-ages yoga and meditation practices, Yoga Nidra, nutritious meals and serene landscapes while practicing committing fully to life as a spiritual focus.

Heidi emphasizes the body-mind connection of the yoga practice, inviting you to experience yoga as a living practice that carries off our mat into every moment of our lives. Through getting quiet, intention setting, residing in the feeling of abundance and bliss as well as applying ancient yogic tools for concentration and one-pointed focus we relax into the gift of life and rest at our center. Yoga Nidra, dream journaling, painting, Lucid Living and Reiki will be offered as tools for transformation. A suggested reading list is also available.

Ishvara pranidhana is the practice of fully surrendering the self to God or Life Force. In surrendering the ego to the Supreme Being in humility, it is thought that the character of the divine can be attained. In Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, it means committing one’s life and one’s yoga practice to the Lord (or spiritual focus of choice).

There will be ample time for spa services, off-site adventures or simply soaking in the beach life. Begin the practice now by following your YES. See you in Greece!

Click here for more information on the True Nature Travels website, our co-host for the journey.

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Wilbur Hot Springs Guest Chef Weekend

Mother's Day Weekend

May 10-12, 2019

Join Heather Ruggero and Heidi Dietrich for a self-care weekend retreat and reconnect with what matters most! Take some time for yourself or invite your mother/sister/friends/daughters.

Wilbur Hot Springs inspires personal reflection and connection to spirit. Here you might dream, make music or art, have a revelation, grieve a loss, or experience healing. It’s the perfect place to write down your thoughts, have a life-altering conversation, or simply be. The land and its healing waters offer a unique opportunity to slow down, quiet the mind, and listen deeply.

The Gift, Greek Island Luxury Yoga Retreat

September 7-13, 2019

Join Heidi Dietrich for a week of Yoga and Meditation on the Greek Island of Amorgos!

Early Bird pricing through February 1st